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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionOther - Television · 1 month ago

Does it matter, if I'm not from a fandom but have O.C.s from a particular cartoon?

For me, I'm not even apart of any fandom in existence. I'm possibly the one person who buys merch from a popular cartoon or similar and not get totally engrossed in it nor say "I belong in that (insert name) fandom". I have called myself a fandom name before in elementary school, but I never thought I would actually be in one considering the amount of strange activity that goes on in fandoms. There is drama and everything else. Even being on the outskirts proposes a risk on the person because they see the vile things people do. The only fandom I ever recall was the one I was growing up watching in my childhood. I watched plenty of television shows, but one of them, actually a franchise was my main one because I owned almost ALL the toys and products from them, plus I said I was apart of it by calling myself the name they go by, if someone is apart of the fandom, but I pushed it away and stopped calling myself that. I felt awkward and strange, not wanting to truly be apart of it. And I watched almost all the edits from the fandom when people made them on YouTube (oldest platform to have published edits (MUSIC VIDEOS or PMVs / AMVs)). Plus, I was there since one of the generations and continued watching further into the newer generations and played games on their website.

Last but not least, I made myself O.C.s thanks to my friend (she showed me how on their website).

I still have my own original characters and still draw them here and there. Does that mean I'm in it or not?


The only fandom I ever recall and considered myself in it was the one I was growing up watching in my childhood.* Correction statement.

I have other cartoons I watch, but I don't buy their merch and basically watch their videos, only.

Stuff I used to do when I was in a "fandom"

-Watched all their episodes

-Bought their merch./products/toys

-Drew fanart

-Wrote fanfiction

-Made myself O.Cs

-Bought clothing from them

-Cosplayed as one or more of the characters

-Did karaoke to their songs + sang

Update 2:

-Called myself the female version of the fandom's name for people who considered themselves in it (most important one)

-Made friends within the group who also watched the same one AND was actually in the fandom (associated)

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