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Why are people afraid of losing a person's friendship who they love romantically in case  if that person rejects them? What do you think?

I have asked myself several times that. Why is it so hard to let those people go in case if they reject our feelings of love?

For instance, a friend of mine who was a beautiful, smart and great girl rejected me when I told her that I loved her and she thanked me and told me that she didn't feel the same thing for me. Totally that we ended up being friends again but all of sudden she blocked me in all social media. I was devastated for that. It happened to me the same several times till one day I asked myself why as human beings is so hard to let people go and go ahead through our own path. I realized that many people like clinging on other people even if that person rejects them just for having their friendship. I know that this dependes of every person but it happens all the time.

I arrived at the conclusion that the girls who are my friends aren't gonna be with me forever and they are as free as me. If they don't feel the same thing that I feel it's ok if they reject me, if they want to stay in my life, great, if they don't, no problem. I know it hurts because we'd like those people felt the same things but not always happen. 

One day they are gonna go to another side due to a scolarship, job, opportunity, marriage, family matters, etc and maybe I'll never see them again. Now I'm not afraid of losing a girl who love even if it hurts because we have to be mature emocionally. 

Tell me your opinion. A hug

3 Answers

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    3 months ago
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    That's a fairly mature way to look at it. It's never fair to pretend to be a friend when you really want more because inevitably this leads to jealousy when the object of your affections gets into a relationship. But it's good that you also recognize that until people are finished with education and settled into careers everything about their lives tends to be somewhat transitory. Trying to make plans that involve other people is difficult to do until you can both count on living in the same city indefinitely. 

  • Fran
    Lv 4
    3 months ago

    It's always hard to confess your feelings to someone and get rejected. It's always hard to lose a friendship.

    I've never been someone to have many male friends. Idk why, but most of my friends are females. The guys I have gotten to know better, I ended up being with - either in a relationship, dating, or friends with benefits. 

    I think it's good that you are saying to move on, don't lose hope about it. You're still going to go through a lot and it's brave of you to be open about your feelings. Just keep being like that, don't expect someone to feel the same as you do, but one day you might get in luck... 

  • ?
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    They do not to be hurt.

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