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I have a new fitbit smart watch and new to exercising..Im 72 and 2 stone over weight...what should my heart rate be when walking and after?

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Start by determining your baseline pulse rate. There are a range of normal.My son walks eight miles a day. He started with a relatively high normal rate, around 86 bpm. After months of walking, his normal, resting rate has receded to 76 bpm. My normal is 72 bpm, and walking, maybe 120. That restores to normal quickly. Is have to look at my son's fitbit chart for his walking rate. He's walking a mile at fifteen minutes average. Therefore, your numbers are particular to you and your level of fitness and walking speed, duration, and distance.

  • 3 months ago

    A maximum "safe" heart rate is 220 - your age.  That means for you, it is 148 bpm.  A target heart rate for exercise would be in the 100-110 range depending on if you are doing a shorter, intense activity or talking a long walk.

    Your heart rate should return to a "normal" range shortly after finishing your exercise.  A good resting heart rate (the number after you just wake up from sleep or have be doing absolutely nothing) would be in the 65-75 bpm range.  If your resting heart rate is above 75 talk to your doctor.  A heart rate in the 70's to 80's when your doing office or house work would be fine.

    You really should speak with your doctor about what is best for you, particularly if you might have heart disease or other issues that would change the numbers you should target. 

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