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Is taking 2 classes per semester in college too little?

I’m going to a community college to get a certificate in early childhood education. At the college I’m going to it requires 30 credits. You could finish it in 2 semesters, but only if you were to take the full course load of classes they have for each semester which is quite a bit. And I tried but could handle it, it was too much. I’m also working part time. So for this semester I took only 2 classes. I managed it well and did pretty good. If I did this until I finished, it would take me a couple yrs to complete it since they only offer the classes during certain semesters. Does this sound like a bad plan?

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  • MS
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    3 months ago

    It is not necessarily a bad plan.  It is good to manage your time so that you can balance your work, your finances, and your studies.  I would consider what value you will get from this certificate though - that type of certificate doesn't lend itself to well-paying work, so you may want to consider whether it's worth it to devote so many years (and some money) to something that won't really pay off for you.  BUT, you may have something lined up or have other circumstances that make this worth pursuing, and that's fine. And in that case you are doing it the right way. 

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    The longer it takes to complete your program, the longer it will be to start working in your field. If you cannot handle a full-time course load, you do need to question whether this is really the right field for you & your talents, abilities, etc. Especially since such early childhood education programs are considered among the easiest of vocational programs. It's far from rocket science. Do you have the requisite abilities, or do you need to work on getting yourself organized to manage a part-time job & part-time school? Only you can evaluate your abilities, interests, and how disciplined & organized you are to get things done.

    Just a tad over 80% of American college students work at least 20 hrs/week - while attending school full-time. 

  • drip
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    3 months ago

    Sorry but it sounds like a bad plan to me. First of all what job are you going to get with this certification?   Day care facilities do not pay well. You would waste all this time for a job that pays $11.00 an hour. (Average pay in the US)

    A factory job would pay more, and give you much better benefits. 

    How are your grades for that first semester you said you couldn’t handle? Are you going to have to retake any classes? 

    You can take a couple of classes each semester. The community college would allow it. They wouldn’t prevent you from moving at your own pace.

    Personally I think you will put in too much money in tuition and too much time to finish and not come out ahead for a career or salary.

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    No. If you need to work your part-time job, you're smart to manage your course load to ensure you do well in your classes, meet your work commitments, and stay sane and healthy.  Millions of people go to school part-time.

    You can also look at taking classes over the summer so that you can attend 3 semesters per year instead of just two.

    Ultimately, if you have the option to go to school full-time, you'll get to the point where you are qualified for the job you want faster, but many people don't have that option.  If you don't, then just do the best you can and work steadily toward your goal.

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  • DON W
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    3 months ago

    No, it sounds like a decent plan.  The community college can tell you the maximum amount of years you have to work toward the certificate--usually it's fairly lengthy since they know many of their students work and only go to school part time.

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