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Moving house with a cat?

Hey guys, I need some advice with my cat. I plan on staying with my boyfriend at another house for about 3 months in the close future. After those 3 months, I will be returning home for a random length of time. It could be a few weeks, to a year, before moving out to my own place. I have my cat, who’s 8 years old. She’s my best friend, and out of my big family, I am the ONLY person she likes. She barely tolerates my family, she stays in my room and doesn’t like being near other people. She absolutely adores me, we cuddle every night, and I often feel that when I go out, she misses me, and always greets me when I come home. Should I take my cat with me to a new house? Also, she is an outdoor cat, but she will have to stay indoor if she does come. 

Basically, I leave my cat for 3 months at a home she’s known her whole life, with people she hates, and me not there. Or I take her with me to a new place she’s never been, she doesn’t have the stress of lots of people but she will have to be indoors the whole time, and then take her home, to then another new environment.

I’m worried she’ll get so stressed she’ll pass away, as she is an old girl. 

About her health: she is very lively, energetic, she eats all the time, she has no grey fur, she can run, she plays. She doesn’t seem like a senior cat. She’s had no health issues, and she’s up to date with her vaccines. 


Edit: I don’t need permission from my family, I’m asking about her health. How she will handle the stress. Is it a good idea to move a senior cat around, from a place since she was a kitten? She is my cat, so there’s no decision about my family.

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    Moving with animals can be a challenge, but overall, I think your cat would prefer to be with YOU. If she doesn't like the family, no point in keeping her there. If she's bonded with you, she'll quickly get over the stress of a new environment. So a few things:

    1. BEFORE moving her completely, get her things over to the house, and if you can, bring some things over from the home you're moving to to get her used to the scents. Do this off and on for about a week or so, if you can (don't know how far away the new home is from your home now). Have a room already set up completely, with water, food, and her litter tray before you plan on taking her over. Last things to pack up are her favorite toy(s) (if she has one), and the cat packed up in the carrier and off you go.

    2. When you get to the new place, take her in slowly using calm, soothing voices. Take her right up to the designated room, shut the door, set her down gently, and open the carrier door. Don't coax her out, don't try anything like that. Just keep talking and reassuring her that you are there. Leave something with YOUR scent on it, too. Then leave and JUST LET HER BE. You can leave a small light on for her if you want, but just let her be, seriously. She may stay in the carrier, she may come shooting out and rush under the bed or behind something, or may curiously poke her head out a few times. She will need some alone time to settle. This could take a few minutes, a few hours, or a full WEEK. Just be calm.

    3. Expect her eating and drinking habits to be off. She may not eat the first day or two, and this is expected. You can go and check on her, see how she's doing. If she's meowing, happy, whatever (you know her and her happy moods, so go from there), you can try opening the door for her to explore more, or sit on the floor and give her loves and treats. 

    4. She will not be 100% adjusted for a while, but that's ok. The key is to GO SLOWLY and not push her into something she doesn't want to do. If she wants to stay behind the bed for 2 days, let her. If she's zooming around in 4 days, let her. If she wants to play with you, play with her. If she's hungry at 2pm, feed her. This is an adjustment for everyone, so the calmer and slower YOU ARE, the better off she will be during this whole process. 

    Also, don't walk on eggshells or feel like you have to not do something you would normally do when she's around. She has to get used to the new sights, smells, and sounds. Trying to prohibit your movements or be quiet won't help the situation. I'm not saying to go ahead and drop a bunch of pots and pans on the floor, LOL, but don't feel like you have to tip toe. When you go to move back home, the transition should be easier, but you can still follow these steps, and also follow them when you move out completely.

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    If it is in fact your cat, then you take the pet with you. If it is the family cat that you have claimed ownership of, then that is a family conversation.

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