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Werid dream?

Had a dream of a ghost in my kitchen looking out the window to the Bush then My dad was asking me why there was a white car park here so I went out side to fly up an do a property check I found nothing an woke up in fear. I was wondering what the ghost wanted didn't say anything an how the car got there etc 

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    The dream might mean you have a purpose to fill and you are allowing your social influences to distract you from your life mission or your depending too much on unreliable people to help you reach your goals - you need either to do what was asked of you or atone for your misdeeds or undeserved good fortune or stop making bad choices 

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    You are interpreting the dream as if it really happened, and it didn't happen in real Life.  It's just a dream, and for some reason you wanted the car to be there in the driveway, maybe for the ghost to make a getaway, fast!!

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    The ghost or previous owner or demon pretending to be the owner was telling you they were buried or had something near where that bush was. They probably parked the white car on the property or had someone do it for them. You need to 1. Study information online and offline about your property. 2. Get the property exorcised and a house cleansing of all demonic and evil spirits and Satan off the property. 

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