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Do you guys think that it was alright have punched and kicked a bully who didn't stop annoying me and my friends?

What's up guys, my name is Anderson and I'm 14 years old. Let me explained you guys what happened.

Look, my friends and I usually go to play soccer at a court that is inside our neighborhood and there's a bully who likes annoying us and always take our money off. One day I was playing with my friends at the court and he told me to give him my money and I was so tired of his lack of consciousness and I pushed him and then he pushed me back and I ended up bumping my head on the floor and started bleeding. I was so furious and with all my force I gave him a punch straightly on his stupid face and I told my friends to help me to give him a lesson and then the bully stood up and we knocked him down and he fled his home and then I went home and I headed my room and suddenly my mom called me to go down.

When I went down i saw a lady and she was staring at me and started shouting a lot saying that I was about to kill her son and my mom asked me if it were true and I told her why I did it and I told the bully's mom dunt that his son was like that due to his upbringing and he stirred me up and she said that her son wasn't able to be like that and that she was gonna call the police to put me behind the bars and my mom grounded me. I didn't say anything untrue.

What I hate the most was that that jerk snitched on me (rat on me), he was a coward because he used to like threat weaker people but I stopped it

What do you think about this?


The guy who said that I was making myself look like a hero, Bro, this guy attends my school and is known as a bully.

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    We had a problem for about 3yrs,, about a girl in our neighborhood bullying my daughter,  one day my daughter got enough and slapped her face and give he hair a good yank,  and told her to leave her alone or she was going to get more.   This stopped the whole thing.  She never really hurt her only her ego.  no blood was shed.   

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    Yes I think you were in the right. Because if he causes any more problems you can remind him, and everyone around that he is a rat. And called his mom on you. 

    Tell him the next time he puts his hands on you he will end up in the hospital. But if he doesn't bully you anymore that will be the end of it. Then walk away. 

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    Bullies always meet their match. He got a helluva wake up call when you did that and you dented his ego.

    Hope that it is the end of it now. Next time you see him say hello cos he is probably scared of you all now and you being nice makes you the better person.

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    When a Bully pushes you around and they give you no option but a physical attack to get them to leave you alone, you are often considered the bad guy.  Then they fake like you are the mean guy and they were innocent.  Been there done that but you do what you gotta do.

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    It was in self defense, so it is okay. For now one, try to use diplomacy to solve a situation. Talk to them, try to find other solutions to the problems first. If it does become a life and death situation again, then fight back. 

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    You did the right thing lad.

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    I think you had a right to defend yourself, providing you didn't first initiate anything.  Bullies should not be permitted to get away with it. You could have informed your parents, first, and asked for their help, but I would have done the same thing at that moment that you did. No one is going to "put you in jail", by the way.

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    You did the right thing, most bullies are really a wimp, because their mommy treats them badly. If the bully comes around you, Ignore him, and if he tries something, go home ant tell your MOM, it would be even better if one of your group start to record him from the time he shows up, until you leave. Have proof of what he does. Let your Mom take it and shove it in the bullies mom's butt.

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    i dont think so, i wouldve just reported him

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    You make yourself look like a good guy / hero here.  

         I bet the bully is able to tell the same story in such a way that you and your friends look like a vicious street gang that swarmed and assaulted him.  


    I would not want to make bets on this.

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