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What has Trump actually done?

With the elections approaching, I have been trying to figure out why anyone would vote for Trump. What has he actually done?

1. The Economy

Republicans love to point out how great the economy is under Trump (before the pandemic). But think about this, Obama in its last few years created more jobs than Trump has in the last 4. While Obama inherited a massive recession, Trump inherited a decently growing economy.

2. Foreign Policy

America right now is the pariah of the world. No one respect us anymore. Allies like Britain, France, Germany want nothing to do with the Trump administration. He got out of the Iran deal to get what in return. Iran has restarted its nuclear facilities and is even more accepted in the international community.

3. Environment

He got out of the Paris deal just because Obama did it. He relaxed EPA regulations allowing companies and industries to whatever they want. No one can argue that the environment is better under Trump whatsoever.

4. Fiscal Policy

He gave a massive tax cut mostly beneficial to wealthy while increasing spending in other areas. Now we have a massive deficit. Think about it... the gov is making less in taxes but spending more. The poor and middle class has nothing to show for these cuts.

5. China/Trade

Despite his boasts, trade deficit with China has grown under Trump. More and more countries are now looking to china for economic leadership.

6. The wall

Whether you agree or not with the idea of a wall. Where is it?


7. Social Conjuncture

The country is more divided than ever. Now we have white supremacists and Neo-nazis openly supporting our president and the president accepting the support. 

8. Politics

America has become a nation of two people. There is no decency is politics anymore. Trump has turned American politics into a circus. 

9. His own behavior

Trump is a baby in man's body. The man is the most insecure person I have ever seen. He is vain and self-centered. 

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    Well, he has done a few things...

    He has made everyone who is not a caucasian male feel more unwelcome and marginalised in America than ever before.

    He has advocated petty short-sighted goals like building a wall between America and Mexico. History has proven that walls are not insurmountable, or even helpful.

    He has become friendly with the leader of Russia, a cold-blooded ex KGB dictator that is smart enough to play him like a flute.

    He has turned the role of US President into a joke. Currently, the president of the USA is someone who tweets lies and ignorant terrible thoughts on a daily basis. Everything he says, his credibility is quite rightly in question. THAT is a problem. You do not want someone like that as a president. The word of the President should count for something. With Trump, it's not worth anything.

    I'm glad he hasn't been able to achieve anything, because his goals are not in alignment with sane people.

    And yes, coronavirus, he totally screwed that up. Trump is not someone that is remotely capable of being a leader, or even useful, with a crisis like that. Note... you want a president that respects scientists.

    I'm sorry that your 2020 election is between Joe Biden and Donald Trump... I'm sorry that out of 350 million people, these are the two candidates for US President... but I think it's really important to end Trump now. Please vote, Americans. You don't have to agree with me, but just please vote.

  • 1 month ago

    Trump has killed over 220,000 Americans with his negligence.

  • 1 month ago

    Incite White Supremist and domestic terroist

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    He ignored Covid19 repeatedly and slept on it while other country's knew about it and took action. 210,000 dead as a result.

    He is actively pushing for war with Iran and Venazuela and has lied about with drawing  troops from Afghanistan.

    Hes stolen millions in federal tax from hard working tax payers so he can cut him and his daughter a cheque and has lied to the IRS about his networth.

    Hes holding the American people hostage as they need a stimulus now or Hospitals and buisnesses will collapse and more people will enter poverty.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    he is over and done with some dummy's voted him in and its nothing but

     Disaster after  Disaster

  • James
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    1 month ago

    No. 1 is an understatement. 2021 will be the first year in several decades that the national deficit exceeds GPD. And millions are people are unemployed and about to be evicted if not already homeless.

    Unfortunately this also means that if Biden wins, Republicans are going to blame him for the economy much the same way that they blame Obama for the Bush economy.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Saved the economy lowered  gas prices  and tax made us strong and brought us together .he is a a angle sent to America .

  • Al
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    1 month ago

    Right out of the gate your wrong about Obama helping the economy, I happen to work in corporate America, Obama did not bring the type of help to the American worker that the media is trying to portray, he helped create free trade zones within American borders, this was good saving corporations on taxes levied for inventories in process, but it did not create jobs, it created corporate profits which never trickled down to the working class, Trump on the other hand has had an immediate positive effect on my employer, even though they are liberal minded, they can't deny the booming effect Trump's policies have had on our business, I worked for this corporations under 2 democratic presidents and have seen our business shrink, our jobs moved to foreign countries, the loss of pension plans..... Trump turned it around, it's undeniable.....when someone says "What has Trump done for America?" I can only assume that kind of question can only be posed by a liberal who only has selective memory and thinking, believe me, I didn't like Trump at first, I look at facts, because I'm directly impacted by his decisions and America is 100% better as a result of his presidency.

  • 1 month ago

    You have the internet to look up all of his accomplishments. The truth is that the Democrat Party has been spreading Marxism, which is responsible for the actual division in this country right now because that is it's purpose, to divide and conquer. All of your points show the liberal media propaganda that you have bought into. Look at some youtube videos by conservatives that don't just give you a talking point, but supply evidence to support their view, something the liberal media does not do because they are political activists, not journalists. It is when you look at the other side that you begin to learn the liberal side are the irrational ones as well as the ones instigating violence, censorship and stifling speech and resorting to screaming and name calling because they have no reasonable case for their position that would be shot down in a heart beat if reason is allowed to be heard. If you love a government take over, your freedoms stripped, you hate the U.S. Constitution and what that represents, you love equal outcome over equal opportunity, you love poverty over incentive to get ahead, then Trump and this country is not for you. Once you educate yourself on what is truly at stake here, then you won't be confused as to why Trump is going to win by a landslide. You cannot look at Trump's personality, you must look past that at his actual actions to understand why so many support Trump, including ex-democrats, independents and even never Trumpers have changed their minds after seeing his actions.

  • he gutted the Shared Responsibility Payment penalty Hussein/Biden imposed on the American People

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