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menstrual cycle question?

I just turn 16 a few days ago and I've tried to ask any woman in my family about it but they only said to drink more water.  I had my first when I was 10 and my mother never talks to me about it, my late grandmother only explained it,  my mother and I aren't close and I can't talk to her about anything due to recent issues..   so to the point, this year and last year My periods are short.  It goes on 4.. to 2 days.  And just this year It stopped on summer for some reason. I was born with 1 kidney and Im afraid theres something wrong with me, Im usually sick with common colds/fever and once had bladder infection and almost had diabetes.  Im currently taking Blood pressure pills and I keep forgetting to take them. (I'm remembering to try to take them)

So..  I don't think my period isnt coming this month again, and never in my life have I had intercourse with anyone. Im fatigued. 

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  • 1 month ago

    See a doctor for a better assessment. Do not put this off.

  • 1 month ago

    Are you underweight or anemic? If your body doesn’t have enough nutrients to support itself then it’ll stop reproductive function to save nutrients for more important things like not dying.

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