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Can tattoos signify attention seeking/lack of confidence?

I see so many guys at the gym with tattoos, and half of them are lame tattoos like dragons, skulls, and stars(wtf?). Do guys do this because they think it will impress women? I've never looked at a picture of a dragon and said "Whoa so cool I want that on me for the rest of my life" are you kidding me, what kind of immature mind do you have to have to think like that? Now this question is just learning purposes, I don't care what people do with their own body and would never tell someone their tattoos look bad or not be friends with them because of it, but I just want to learn more about the psychology aspect of it.

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    i have no idea why anyone would mutilate their skin by covering it with ugly tatoos. but i suppose the guys in the gym do it for themselves and not to impress the girls.

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