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Board and Train progams in WI?

does anyone know of good board and train programs in Wisconsin that are under 2k per dog? I have two that need training and after thought put into private lessons we decided that board and train would be better, specifically for my female dog, but if ones getting training we want the other to be with her because part of the problem is how they interact with each other. Thank you! 


For our situation it is RIGHT. 

We do not have the life style where we can schedule an hour in randomly for training,  it would be useless to get an hour class for them to share. Everywhere I look they offer unlimited in home classes after and the private lessons are super expensive. 

Most people definition of harsh is a shock collar which my dogs already wear. I have never been able to train my own dogs, I dont have the patients and my axiety skyrockets

Update 2:

yall are a bunch of ******* idiots. Half of your responses make absolutely no sense. Im sorry your brain in to incompetent to realize not everyone lives the same lifestyle and some things are better for other. I'll use a shock collar if I want. If I attempt to train my dogs and they don't listen then they need one, better than getting hit on the road isn't it sweetie. Be helpful next time or **** off

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    You are a Physician with no patients?  Why is that?  And you suffer from axiety?  Then you need to hire a trainer.

    I ONCE, years ago, worked a lot of hours, had a pet sitter, but took my dog to a board and train facility.  She came back several thousands of dollars later absolutely trained to do a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't need.  I needed a basic sit/stay/come/stop doing that.  Unfortunately, she only listened to her trainer, and he TOLD me that sometimes happens.

    Shock collars?  I have two dogs, both over 120 pounds, and I've NEVER used a shock collar.

    If you cannot train or control dogs, why do you have dogs?

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    It sounds like you want the dogs to be trained as personal protection dogs or guard dogs or attack dogs.  There isn't anything like this for basic obedience.  Basic obedience is only 7 commands & people train their own dogs in that.  You can get instructions online, in dog training books or by attending basic obedience classes.

    Aggression training costs thousands upon thousands to train.  $20,000 ea or more.

    You did not specify what kind of training you are interested in.  So there is much more to add.

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    Dogs are NOT programmable robots - but that may be best pet for you and the real dogs may do best being re-homed.  

    YOU HAVE TO be trained or learn to handle the dog - (when /if) it is trained by somebody  else.  Just because it knows a command or hand signal to do "X" does not mean it will mind YOU. So the problems will not be solved as simply as you think.  

    NEWS FLASH:  if you have been unable to train the dogs, you may have a major learning or attention DEFICIT.  In addition.... if you or anyone in your family is weak or haphazard ...neither dog will respect you (plural) & may also REFUSE to obey said commands/signals because of that.  

    We are sorry refuse to MAKE TIME in your "schedule" to attend normal obedience classes (to learn how to train your dog yourself) that BTW, that run $80-100, for 6 to 8 weeks of once a week training (for an hour) like the regular obedience classes given by AKC clubs & businesses like Petmart. This type of training..... is a part of responsible ownership.

    Any BOARDING trainer worth his money will (STILL) insist you give them some time to learn HOW to handle the supposedly trained and/or rehabilitated dog.   

    If you go the "board & torture to train" route (as in the example) you will still HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO HANDLE the "supposedly" trained dog some point, for the THOUSANDS of dollars (largely for boarding) to pay off.  Otherwise - they will have produced a trained dog - that does MIND THEM, so they have met their contractual obligation to produce a trained dog.   You (however) just may not be able to handle it - any more than w/o training, most people can take apart and clean a car engine.

    Do your own homework on all of this.  You have been advised and warned, by dog experts => it is NOT a good route to go.  We wash our hands of you.

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    No...  You're lucky if you can find one that is 2k per dog.   Many are closer to 5-6 k per dog

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    "we decided that board and train would be better" You are 100% wrong...... dog training classes trains the OWNER to train the dog, a dog trained by someone else will be perfectly trained by and for THAT person and once back in your 'care' will revert to their previous behaviour as you are the issue not the do not seem to realise what happens to the dogs at these places, the dogs they 'train' are subjected to very harsh methods that 99% of dog owners would never wish to see happen to 'their dog' which is why it is done without the owner being dog owner would wish their dog to be treated how they are treated there............. get a grip, if you have ANY empathy for the dogs you own go and find a good trainer, get a one to one trainer or behaviourist who can work with you to teach you how to change what you do as that will change the behaviour of your dog

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