how do i potray this charachter respectfully?

i have this charachter, gemyarne (he/she) who is blind in one eye and was born that way. ive recently been informed that drawing blind people with grey eyes is disrespectful unless theyre blind because of cataracts. how do i respectfully convey through visuals alone that gemyarne is blind in one eye?

description: an orangeish yellow cat furry stands, her knees bent. one of his feet is facing twoards the camera while the other one is sideways. both of the felines arms are held out twoards the side, and both elbows are bent. the cats left arm is held more up, and the fist is clenched. the right is held more down, and the hand is open. she is slouched over slightly and looking frustratedly down and to the left. his ears are pulled backwards but not flat against her skull and her tail is fluffed up. the cats left eye is orange with a cloudy, round pupil. the right is blue with a slit pupil. his hands float detached from his body, anchored to the arms by multicolor strings. the sharp, talon like fingers float detached from the hands and are anchored by more strings. in her right hand floats a colorful ball with black distortions in reality behind it. the cat wears a denim jacket with three grey spikes on each sholder. his shirt is black and she wears a red tie. his pants are denim and rolled up to the knee. she has knee length boots, the left desaturated blue and the right desaturated orange. the boots have black soles and a white patch on the toe of each as well as white laces.

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