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Has there ever been a pandemic like this in US history were the entire country has shut down for up to a year?

I know we had Spanish flu but did the whole country Shut down for up to a year or did they stay open and live life with only sporadic shut down locally? I know polio was only localized shut downs.  

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    Well, yes. This is the 1st one since modern science (so say from the 1920's) but in the 19th century (1800's) the US (like others) had lots of epidemics....small pox...diphtheria....TB....cholera...even sleeping sickness. Quarantines were vigorously enforced like 10 times more than today, back then they'd just shoot you dead, lynch you, throw you in prison without medical care, in Europe wall you up inside your house. 

    But....back in the 1800's the quarantines (shut downs) weren't country wide  because people couldn't travel across the whole country then (NY to LA might take 30 days and lots of money), even state to state travel was rare and difficult back in horse and buggy days. So, the US prior 'lockdowns' quarantines were only for certain cities or states but they did happen and happen a lot.

    My great grand uncle died in a small pox epidemic of Chicago traveling there against the shut down rules. Typhoid Mary was a carrier of the typhoid disease spreading it everywhere but herself never got sick...she was locked in prison for life. TB patients were locked away by force in 'sanatoriums'.. Whole cities, towns, states were locked down back the a lot. 

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    No, shut downs varied from place to place. Note that they have also varied in this pandemic.

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    The Spanish Flu was supported by documented facts and was not a tool used to break an economy and overthrow the government.

    The same can't be said for COVID-19.

    The Democrats tried everything in their book of scandals to first remove Trump from office, then to discredit him to destroy his chances of re-election. All attempts were failures.

    Now we're expected to believe that in the last months of his administration a "virus" suddenly appears that cripples the world economy, and requires Marxist - style mandates?

    (Just a reminder - Hillary is a Marxist, and the campaign to destroy Trump began once it looked like he would win the Presidential race. And once he did win, the attempted overthrow of the government began and has never stopped.)

    The only "documentation" to support the Coronavirus is statistics compiled by a Trump-hating health organization that allows falsifying the number of supposed "cases" of COVID-19.

    THEY are the ones making the "recommendations" - which are being imposed by Democratic states to suppress the citizens' activities, including the right to provide for his family.

    Everything about the COVID-19 "pandemic" points to a political hoax. And the fact that the fear and panic are being spread through the fake media, only emphasizes this fact.

    The result looks like something straight out of the Democrats' "Marxist Playbook" on how to take over a country.

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    No, even the 1918-1919 far more devastatingSpanish Flu things kept going and hospital employees did NOT bemoan their fate

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    There are many similarities w/ the 1918 flu and C-19. Some dissimilarities made 1918 worse. We know much more about virology 100 yrs. later. The experts in the field need to be given priority over politics. For example, testing. This needs to be ubiquitous and FAST. It's a powerful tool of mitigation in a limited toolbox. 

    I don't consult a politician if my blood pressure is high. 

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    There's always a first. Since it wasn't contained correctly at the beginning, it became necessary. The nature of medical care meant we could not care for the people who got sick if not shut down. The extended time was the spread of the virus in the country, and that it was sporadic in application of shutdown and control. Probably could have been done in a month of total containment. 

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