is this a crush? (read description below) ?

b4 corona, my french class took turns reading questions, each choosing who'd read next. what's normal is ppl will choose their friend's/ppl they talk to. a guy chose me, he's very nice and smart but we dont talk lol. later, him and is friend are turning around to me smiling but look away when they see me. let's call this guy sander. another day, one of my guy friend later tells me he said to sander as a joke "hey, somebody likes you" so sander made 3 guesses. one of those guesses was me. when he said my name, the rest of their guy friends were like, "ooh, good one". now sander has a gf, and i love both of them together, not lying lol. was never jealous either because my feelings for sander were gone before they got together, or before i heard her liked her at least. anyways, this thought always lingered in the back of my mind, that maybe he used to like me too? or is it just my imagination and the fact that i used to like him convincing me he liked me. idkkk i just really wanna know LOL 

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