I don't know how he feels?!?

Ive been talking to my first bf for about a month. I texted him and I just wanted to catch up. 

over the weeks he was sending a lot of emojis and I kept my guard up because of issues in the past. We had a little bit of a bump when I caught myself talking a lot and told him and he said he fw it and used a lot of emojis. Then afterward I told him I didn't know what to say and he was responding really fast and was like "idk lol We can keep talking if you want, or if not then it was nice catching up whatever you want lol" then i told him I liked talking to him but didn't want to be annoying and he told me not to worry about that and was like "Dope" then he dragged the convo.

That was a few weeks ago. He moved back into college yesterday and the day before that he took a full day to answer me so i waited 17 hours to finally text but when he did answer he told me he had moved most of his stuff in and was texting me faster and picked up where we left off. I thought it was weird how he told me where he was and he started answering faster after i didn't answer him for like 17 hours lol. I dont want to be "that" girl but his snapchat score has gone up like 10 points the past few weeks. we are #1 best friends on snap and ik its not really my place but that would mean hes sending and getting pics from other ppl. I dont like it tbh because he dosent ask for my pics or send them to me but ik hes not mine. How do i calm down and take it slow?

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