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Party Planning During COVID-19?

I want to plan a birthday party for my cousin, I know it is difficult in current situation but kindly share some ideas, so that I can plan it perfectly. Thanks in advance.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can still have a party

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Just use fresh human poo as food.

  • 2 months ago

    Have a virtual party where people participate on-line rather than in person.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Everyone buys a cupcake, stays home and signs into a Zoom virtual party.   You can all sing and blow out candles while keeping your cooties to yourselves. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You would be doing best by having an outdoor party, that way there will be not as much need for masks, and you can set up areas for each person/family you invite that are 6 feet apart. I am in Canada, so I am not sure if our regulations are the same as yours, but we are able to have what is called a 'bubble family', which means that as long as everyone is covid free, you can connect with a whole other family and not have the restrictions in place. If that is an option for you than you can have your party indoors without masking. 

    If you have to have the party outside, here is something a family in my neighborhood did for their gender reveal~~

    Each person/family invited to the party was assigned an area that had a specific color. (Their lawn was quite big, btw, so they had roughly 6 different colored areas, and all were well more than 6 feet apart). This was part of the festivities but also helped each group remember where they were supposed to be. There were hats and party favors there in matching colors as well.

    All through the party there were games set up for each group to participate in, and prizes to be won for things like 'best statue players', 'best fashion show winners', and so on, and each group also had their own twister game that they all played in their own group as the host called out the moves. That went over really well. There was also a lottery type thing where the host would pull a colored ball out of a bag that he couldn't see into, and the group with that color would win a small prize. They did that several times. Finger foods were set up on the deck, and when it came time to eat, someone from each group came up (mask and gloves were there for them) and took a platter or plate of food back to their group. The gender reveal was done from the deck, and when the party wound down and people started to leave, there was a little thank you gift to them to take home that was in their color. It seemed to apparently go quite well, and I am sure you can adapt this to a birthay party if need be.

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    2 months ago

    Dont. Seriously. Can you imagine how you would feel if one of the guests had covid but didnt know it, the redt of the partygoers took it back home with them, and one of their family members got seriously ill and died as a result? Unless you're in one of the few places that has a handle on community transmission, the risks are just too high

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