Can you bypass paid public internet bandwidth limit? Please read below to understand why.?

I am deployed in Afghanistan, it cost $127 for 4 mbps of downspeed. Yes you read that right... $127 for 4 mbps. I am trying to bypass the speed limit because I'm trying to work on school and some of my pages wont load or have issues loading and I have to constantly find a work around every time it bugs. now I can get 6 mbps but that is a ridiculous ungodly price of $156 for trash speeds. I have purchased a Zyxel AV2400 powerline adapter (google that its crazy) and it doesn't increase speeds as it should and it is not the product's fault. when I connect to the internet it brings me into the login page where I pay it monthly and my account is what authenticates my speed. so any possible way to break this overpriced throttle. P.S. the company is DHI 

I have no issues bypassing the limit unethically because these douches are basically overly taxing the speed which btw we only get a constant 2.36 downspeed on average and i need to continue my school. also we have no choice on ISP its just this thieving company 

2 Answers

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    2 months ago

    there's nothing to "bypass". they use hardware to limit how much goes thru the wire.

    it's like having low flow water and asking if you can increase the water flow.

    again, not without having physical access to the company's hardware.

  • 2 months ago

    Can I suggest that you take a course in networking.

    You could have a terabit powerline adapter and it's still not going to increase your internet speed as it's speed only relates to the speed of data over your local powerline connection.

    You are also asking for help in COMMITTING FRAUD, no matter how you justify it, it is still fraud.

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