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Budgies flying rampant inside house, how do I catch them?

My budgie recently got a playmate in his enclosure and my son Wallace left the enclosure exit open, now the dumb birds flew away and are running rampant inside the house, destroying tissue boxes and anything else they can get their little head in, how do I trap them and put them back into their enclosure, they could die and get lost inside the house.

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  • I seen a guy once wet his parrot for it to not fly away & it worked but the parrot wasn't happy. May-b wet them with water gently. If budgie gets mad & looses trust towards you b patient. :)

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    Dont try to catch youll get hem all rilled up...   Be silent, wait, bird will get tired and rest up, then grab plucker!!!

    Source(s): I got Mocking Jay... wont stfu....
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    Put all seed away. Place a cage in the room with seed inside and the door open. They will eventually HAVE to get in for the seed. When they do, shut them in and release them wherever you wish.

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    It will probably fly into a mirror or a window and its neck will be broken, before it gets lost.  Be prepared for perhaps two hours or more of running around.  At some point, when you spot it, stop and talk to it.  After 5 hours, you may have to go out and buy a net.

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  • 2 months ago

    Go buy a bird net, you know the net on a stick and herd them into one room, shut the door and catch them. If you have not hand trained them they will bite, and it hurts, wear gloves.

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    Use a butterfly net.

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    Your gonna need to lure them with Ice Cream the alcoholic version.

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    Leave the cage door open, and only put food inside the cage. Be sure there aren't any spaces behind furniture where they can fall and get trapped. Cover mirrors and close window blinds so they don't hit the glass and kill themselves. Also, try closing them inside one room if possible.



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    First step is to confine them in one room with their enclosure.

    Put food in their enclosure and wait....

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