Is it safe to buy "BMW E90 318" ?

I have an offer to buy BMW E90 318 but the owner told me that he had an accident few years ago, he damaged little front bumper and small damage on hood, and he told me that he didn't even change the bumper because it wasn't hard hit, just had to spray it and it looks like the new one, but enough to activate the airbags on dashboard, so he bought another dashboard with the airbags (used) and it wasn't removed with diagnostics, the airbag light sign on dashboard is still on. So I guess it has to be coded on diagnostics. Now i wonder, is that a big problem to make the airbags work again, is it gonna cost a lot to fix it,should I even buy that car, the price is 4000eur unregistered.BTW i'm buying my first car, so I'm little bit scared not to get deceived.

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  • 5 months ago
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    Buy a first car that needs nothing major to be driven around regularly the day it's purchased.  High mileage is fine as long as the car's been maintained.  You want something you can trust while you learn the basics of owning/driving a car.  That BMW is definitely still damaged and the airbags would cost you a fortune to make right (or they'd already be fixed) - don't make the seller's problems your problems.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The airbag module must be replaced and programmed.  NOT a cheap fix.  Stay away.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Since you are apparently clueless about cars, arrange with the owner to have a BMW shop inspect the vehicle and do a thorough pre-buy evaluation. It is worth paying for so you don't make a mistake and buy a car with problems. At least that's what a logical intelligent person would do. 

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