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Do you think he'll flake on me?

Me and this guy I know are supposed to be hooking up next week. We used to work in the same building a couple years ago and we've been friends since. The basic gist of our texts: He recently expressed his interest in something casual, then I said I'd be down for it, he said to let me know whenever.  A few days later I told him I'm available next week if he's up for it. He texted saying he is and he sounded super excited and will let me know a place. It's been a few days and nothing. I did text him to see how he's doing but the conversation died soon after.

I'm wondering if he'll flake on me. A few months ago in December a similar thing happened between us except it was for a platonic hang out, not a hook up. We didn't get as far as making plans but I told him when I'm available and that he should hit me up. He didn't and I followed up but nothing came of it. We texted here and there after that. He texted me not too long ago saying he was trying to ask me out that time but was too insecure etc.

I'm wondering if he'll flake on me due to his insecurity and issues. I'm thinking of following up a few days before next week to ask if he knows a place yet (or something like that). Good idea?

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    It sounds like it's not going to work out but who knows! I just wouldn't count on it. 

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    Maybe he wants to see if you are easy.

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