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After two weeks of ignoring my txts?

This guy I talk to ignored my txts for two straight weeks. And then he send me a txt saying I hope I’m well. That’s it? After two weeks that’s all you gotta say? Why even bother coming back if you aren’t interested in talking to me?  And he barely even texting me. What Am I supposed to say? Should I just ignore when he decides to txt me nxt?  I’m over it. It’s either you are my friend and talk to me or just leave me alone. You can’t just walk in and out when it pleases you.

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    So tell him that. Tell him that you don't have time for people who only talk to you when it suits them, because friendships are two-sided and if he isn't willing to put in the effort then neither are you.

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    Well, you have already answered your own question haven't you.  The guy is mincemeat now as far as you are concerned.  Why are you bothering to ask us?

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    If you were really over it you would not be asking "What Am I supposed to say?" because the answer is obviously, absolutely nothing!

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