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Unpopular Opinion: Anime Girls with blue hair “At this point” are unoriginal and overrated waifu bait characters?

Like the title says, it’s an unpopular Opinion and personally my opinion... like why is it getting soo repetitive with these Female characters that has blue hair? They always have blue hair and always have powers related to water or ice, it’s really getting old and unoriginal and people mainly boys fell for it

- Ahem Hey bOYs what do you like most?

- Boys: Girls!

- ok what is your favorite Color?

-Boys: Blue

-Alrighty then let me introduce you to this new waifu! She is loyal and listens to everything you say like a submissive wife, and has blue hair! is that enough satisfaction for you? Oh and did I forget to mention her element is water? so Good for you she will be wet 24/7!

really... like this is an obvious bait waifu type of characters, the elements water and ice are a popular elements Among boys and girls as well, so again isn’t it obvious how they are forcing this? It’s like the Men that create these girls know she will be popular cause they make her the ideal woman in their head... a submissive waifu with blue hair and uses water, like seriously I’m getting tired of these type of unoriginal characters, just watch we will get yet another character that is named Aquarius or just Aqua or Snow or basically anything related to water or ice just to bait people, I’m not saying it’s bad but what I’m saying that it’s just getting repetitive and obvious easy trap for fans specially boys🤦‍♂️


The problem with modern Anime Girls with blue Hair...

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    This trend will likely won’t end unfortunately cause weebs and otakus and simps and white knight everywhere worship these kind of unoriginal characters🤦‍♀️

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    Clearly, the field of artistic illustration need more variety, and probably in the direction of more reality.

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