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Before caronavirus what were the average costs of flights?

I live in New Zealand and I have never been overseas. I know I most likely won't be able to travel very far if not at all due to the virus in the near future but I am just after some information to use as a guide of how much I should expect to pay for flights for when I will be able to go on my first trip abroad. I would like to know what were the average prices of flying from New Zealand to the following locations - Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Italy, Inited Kingdom, USA

I did look these up myself but because of the caronavirus I can't find what I am looking for and because I have never travelled I have absolutely no idea what to expect, also because of the affect the virus has had on the economy all over the world do you think this will increase the price of flights?

Thank you for any help or advise you can offer 

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  • Clive
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    That's hard to answer because it depends on what airline you use, what class you travel in, and even how far in advance you book.  Major airlines now use a system where the price goes up and down depending on how full the flight is, that of course depends on what are the most popular days to go, what season it is because more people want to travel in summer for a holiday when children are off school... complicated isn't it?  Plus when it comes to seasons, of course north of the Equator those are the other way round, so flights in Europe are most expensive in July-September because that's the school summer break.

    About all you can say is going further costs more!  So obviously Australia is the cheapest but where in Australia do you want to go?In my experience, 3 months in advance is cheapest.  After that, airlines tend to put prices up again to catch people who couldn't book that early.  And midweek is probably cheaper.  Apart from that, what you can do is pick on places you want to go, pick on airlines that actually go there, and go through the booking process on their web sites.  You can do that and get a price, then stop there before you get asked to pay.Or try sites like expedia or Kayak to see how different airlines compare.  If you do that, and find a flight you want, I would say also look up the same flight on the airline's own web site - the price could be different.

    Old prices really aren't any use because coronavirus is hitting airlines VERY hard and some might even close down completely.  Even in normal times, it was difficult for some to survive, I can think of many American and British airlines that no longer exist because they went bust so who knows how it will go?  It's so expensive to run an airline and they rely a lot on being full to get enough money to pay for the fuel.

    Sorry this is all very vague but it's about all anyone CAN say.

    The big thing is it's all so electronic now, and that has done away with fixed prices.  It's not like a bus or a train where you know what the fare is.  With all booking online, airlines can adjust minute by minute to make the most money.  They don't even issue tickets any more - the last time I had a paper ticket for a flight was in 2004!  They worked out they don't need it.  You turn up at the airport with your ID (obviously a passport if you're going abroad), they can see on the computer that you've booked and paid, who needs tickets?  Then you get a boarding pass with your seat number to get through the rest of the airport.  Which is another thing - you can even check in online, choose a seat and print out your own boarding pass, so all you have to do at the airport check-in is drop off your luggage (and make sure it's labelled for where you're going!)

    Love from the UK - that's the furthest you can go so I expect it's the most expensive.  A flight here will be more than one flight as it will take about 24 hours.

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    No such thing as an average cost of flights as even before C19 they were all over the place.  Too many variables - where you want to fly to, for how long, when you plan on booking the flights, what time of year, etc

  • Maxi
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    No idea, it is very likely that flight prices will increase as covid has hit travel badly and the airline industry will have to take restrictive precausions in the numbers of people per flight so will earn less money or will go out of business and less airlines means less competition along with quarantine restriction in lots of countries will reduce numbers prepared to travel or have the ability to

  • pmt853
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    An "average" number would be maningless as prices vary vastly with airline, class of travel, time of travel whether single or return and, obviously with destination. Pre-lockdown prices may not be the same as those yet to come as the airlines struggle to cope with any remaining restrictions and with the likely reluctance of many people to travel again.

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    Flight costs varied considerably depending on when you wanted to travel, when you booked etc. 

  • 3 months ago

    Yes, it seems air fares are going up. Fly to Australia and get some experience. Then you will know what to expect for longer flights. Enjoy and have fun. 

    And it's time to 😴 in Kiwiland. Sweet dreams 🥱 💤 🙂 

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