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What are your thoughts on my crazy diet?

So every 72 hours I eat roughly 4,750 calories. I'm a 6'3" male and I weigh 205lbs with moderate activity, lift weights 3 times a week and jog a mile every other day. My meal every 72 hours is a double bacon cheese burger w/one slice of cheese, chicken ceaser salad, and 10 boneless wings w/ sauce and a couple beers, calories are between 4500 to 4750. ive been doing this for 2 weeks and loseing 5lbs a week so far, obviously this weight loss will slow because I was a little over weight, but my question is can i stay shredded?

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    Well, first off, the bread you're eating on the cheeseburger is increasing your blood glucose levels, so that's one thing that's slowing down weight loss.  Grains do that, they are NOT healthy foods, i don't care what anyone says.  And grains are one of the worst things a diabetic can eat (besides fruit products and sugar).  

    The double bacon and the burger is fine.  If the cheese is natural cheese and not a "cheese like food" then it's ok too.

    If the boneless wings have a coating on the outside, they are junk. You might as well eat a snickers bar.  Again, if there is a coating, it is made from grain, and not good.  Natural chicken wings are best, no coatings.  

    The best "sauce" to eat with chicken wings is Franks' hot sauce, either plain or mixed with melted butter. Otherwise, garlic butter sauce made with fresh garlic is another alternative.  NO sugar sauces. 

    If you never heard of the ketogenic diet maybe it's time to look into it? You'll lose weight at a better pace and it will improve your health, inside and out. 

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