Black Lives Matter. Some counter with White Lives, Blue Lives, All Lives Matter. Of these, which one is the target of systematic racism?

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    1 month ago
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    If your knee jerk response to black lives matter is “all lives matter” then you might be racist scum that thinks black lives matter is some how excluded from everyone elses

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    1 month ago

    a TARGET of systemic racism  in the USA and PRE USA Colonialism

     from the BRITISH  , FRENCH and SPAIN and DUTCH

     have been  from ENSLAVING people of  COLOR 

    such as  AFRICANS  and ISLANDERS  and NATIVES

      INVASIONS and  cruel and discriminatory  treatment  of NATIVE  AMERICAN

     to the  DEMEANING and discriminatory treatment of CHINESE  immigrant   workers on the railroad and mines   the USA WHITE   population ( noted in news papers )  called it the YELLOW PERIL the 1882 WHITE CONGRESS  passed the  CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT  to STOP IMMIGRATION of  CHINESE people   to the USA for 10 years  then EXTENDED by the GEARY act  of 1892  not only did it stop IMMIGRATION  but REUNION of thousands of MEN already in the USA with their wives and children  they left in China additionally  WHITE  STATE LEADERS  passed ANTI -MISCEGENATION   LAWS  PROHIBITING Chinese men from marring WHITE WOMEN

      the state of LOUISIANA even BAN ( a felony ) for a African american to marry a Native American  Indian

    such discrimination  of marriage  between a white person     people of African  decent and native american Indians    and Asian   these laws were NOT appealed until 1967  based on the case of LOVING vs VIRGINIA

      as of SEPTEMBER  2019   8 EIGHT  STATES still REQUIRE  couples to declare their "RACIAL" back ground when applying for a marriage license  without complying CAN NOT MARRY  the states are CONNECTICUT DELAWARE   KENTUCKY  LOUISIANA  MINNESOTA  VIRGINIA ALABAMA NEW HAMPSHIRE

     in 1935 MARYLAND Banned marriage between BLACKS and FILIPINOS

     the first laws CRIMINALIZING  marriage  between WHITES and NON WHITES were enacted in BRITISH colonies  of VIRGINIA and MARYLAND who were economically dependent on SLAVERY  dating back to 1660    at least 350 Years  of  a system   of discrimination

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i think all lives matter

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  • 1 month ago

    None of them, really. There's a lot of liberal false narrative about racism. I even heard the former President of the United States imply people were held back if they were of the same race he is.

    I guess he didn't think about that very deeply.

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