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Are women usually jealous of their daughters?

I have been dating this woman for 4 years, and even worse, we have a business together. The issue is that she is insanely jealous and distrustful of her daughter. She yelled at me recently and asked why do I give her daughter anything wants. Every 3-4 months she will snap and ask me why am I so nice to her daughter and call her bitches. She tries to embarrass her in front me, and says mean things about her hygiene. We were laying in the bed and she asked me why does her daughter get so giddy when I am around. She says that her daughter will probably try to give me some one day and that she would kill both of us. I then have to reassure her for hours that I only want her. She gets angry and calls her a slut, and screams at her for bouncing around in front me. She watches my eyes anytime her daughter is around. The daughter is 15 and pretty, but she’s a kid. She seems to resent that her daughter likes me too. I thought that it was normal to be friends with the child of the woman you are with, but she has made it so awkward. She often comes into the room and ask what are we laughing at, and if we are talking about her. She then will sit in the room by herself, drinking wine and crying. I walk into the room and she say you and her can have each other. It is crazy. I am very respectful and nice to her, and i treat her daughter like she is my own. I just don’t get it.

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    This sounds like an issue that will get worse. I suggest that if you two are living together, you move out immediately. Tell her you adore her and would love to date her (if that's true) but that you can no longer tolerate being suspected of being a pedophile on nearly a daily basis and will not put up with it anymore or ever again. Period. 

    I know NO women who act this way. So, no. This is not normal behavior in an adult woman. But it does sound like an issue that will grow and obsess her in time even more than it does now. I do not believe you should spend your life trying to reassure your gf that you don't want to poke her female child. How sad. 

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    yes women are jealous of their daughters 

    almost always happens in one form or another 

    yours is the worst and I would move on 

    as for the business,,,  wow foolish move

    never have a partner and never ever have a partner of the opposite sex 


    in the divorce and that is what I will call it , because that is what it is

    both sides pay lawyers ....very very expensive

    and the fact is most business are not worth even the cost of the legal fees 

    but I am a man and see how it is in the world

    her lawyer (I hate those guys) and her and all her friends and family will tell you the business is with $1,000,000.00 (just picking a easy number) so her half is worth $500,000.00 please pay cash 

    now how commonly they valuate a business is all made up and has no real basis 

    if you and her are grossing $500,000,000,000.00 netting $1,000,000.00 a year SURE OK 

    but chances are you are just breaking even and paying your self a very low wage.

    so what ever she says it is worth and her wants half... wait until you are in court have her reaffirm the value verbally several times ,..,.. then tell her you accept the valuation and want her to keep the business and pay you half....  most of the time they run like squalled chickens 

    a  business value is no more than the assets aka furniture tools equipment etc at liquidation cost aka about 15% of the cost new 

    and one years net profit -- noting net profit after your and her salary are expended out 

    most small business make no net profit just owner salary 


    one more thing , this mom teenager daughter problem occurs even if you were not there,. it just make i worse 

    but moms and daughter always argue and moms as in the magic mirror on the wall hate it they are not the cute young girl they were 

    the worst thing I see is the plain looking 18 year old girl has a mom who is super hot and the boys all pay attention to the mom -- 

    we men have no place trying to figure this out ,, move to a safe distance and keep quiet 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    This is defiantly not normal. Maybe you should move out, or even seek a therapist for the daughter because she could be facing mental health issues with everything that she's being called

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Her behavior is not in any way normal.

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    Anyone can have mental illness and your GF has it in spades.

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    4 weeks ago

    They can be of their sons too. Depends on the person.

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