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Am I a sociopath because I want to hit my parents?

I'm 22/m

Since I was a kid I have always been loving towards my parents. They both fought each other a lot and there was an early divorce. They would use me later on to get revenge over each other. 

Eventually, I was removed from the home and placed in several foster homes/orphanages. My relationship has only gotten worse with my parents in my adult life. I have been so angry and frustrated with their lies, deceives, mental and physical abuse.I used to be forgiving, thinking they wish the best for me. I have come to learn that they don't even support me in good things. They ridicule me and never offer me any love or help. 

Now I'm 22 and I'm fed up. I don't love them anymore and when they say something to hurt me, I'm so close to freaking out in an explosive rage of sadness, emptiness, and frustrations. I keep my composure ALWAYS because there are some key things in the back of my mind, which led me to believe I might be cunning and deceitful myself. 

My mom has a cat which is old now, but I have known that cat since I was 8. I love that cat more than my own mom, and the only reason I put up with her sh*t is so I can see my cat when I visit her. I have thought long and hard about kidnapping the cat, so I don't need to put up with her. And so I can finally fly off in an explosive rage and let her know what I really feel. I want to hurt her back. Let her know I don't care about her anymore, I don't want her in my life and I'm only there for the cat.


When it comes to my dad he financially aids me. That has made me forgive him several times. But he always uses the money as an excuse to be mean to me 

He knows I will just cut him off if he doesn't support me. I have cut our relationship off multiple times because I simply don't love him.

Update 2:

He has done so much towards me I will never forgive him for. My plan is to cut him off and fly off into an rage when I finish my education so I can take care of myself. SO yea. Money and my cat. And I'm done with those parents. Is this some sick cunnin planning in my head?

Update 3:

That I'm putting up with their sh*t because there are underlying things that matter more than emotional anger? Am I a sociopath?

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    Honestly? You are a typical want to be something better than you are.

    You probably have never graduated college never done anything of actual value. It sucks,some people are just born like you.  No one cares either.  I mean keep spamming.  Call the FBI......  no one will ever care.  Complaining about it, lol, like that will fix it.  I mean its great to laugh at people like you. So keep telling us how hard your life is.

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    But because you are an adult, I really think you need to take a long, hard look at your own situation here.  You know they are toxic and that they manipulate you to control you....and you let them.

    No wonder you are angry.  But you should be angry with YOURSELF for not asserting yourself as an independent, self-sufficient and responsible adult.

    Your idea of wanting to do violence to them is stupid.

    Why bother, when you can just assert yourself and start living?

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    Sociopaths are born, not created.  You seem to have some residual impact from your upbringing. I don't know why you think you need a diagnosis, however.  If you have "symptoms" then these are the things to work on to make life improvements. 

    Maybe it would help to talk to a mental health professional about your symptoms and see if you can get proper help.  I am here to tell you that, medications only might be helpful in the short-term.  YOUR BRAIN is the best medication on earth, and our brains are great at healing the mind, as well as the body. Take it from someone who knows.

    There is also a world of online self-help for anything you can think of. And YouTube provides a lot of guided meditations for help with anything you want to change. I use them myself.  Earbuds when i go to bed... i listen to them... and almost always go to sleep. Our subconscious minds pick up the messages in those meditations and can be extremely helpful.

    Take care of YOU.  Do it for YOU

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