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Why are dreams so vivid when you stop smoking marijuana?

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    I know that smoking LSD can have profound visions in sleep and sometimes  try to duplicate the good and bad scenes that can occur with LSD-addiction. The following is only a theory: the agent in marijuana can provide highs and lows in vision and memory. When I was in the US  Army Chemical Corps, part of my duties included administering LSD on cubes of sugar to volunteers and observe how the effect of LSD changed the volunteers' mind and displayed peace and horror. Most volunteers had pleasant walks(so-to-speak)with LSD-induced reality. In 1960, the high-military brass wanted to know how soldiers would act if an enemy dropped an LSD bomb on military soldiers. Soon after testing of LSD on soldiers, the military establishment stopped all testing of LSD when a scientist tried to walk out of an 11-floor window and fell to his death. An artist during the LSD run may still be alive in New York. The artist name is Peter Max. Very strong colors appeared during the 1960s and Peter Max introduced colors not seen today. Go to


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