What was the worst statement or insult your boss has said to you?

I appreciate the time you took to answer my question :) 

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  • 4 months ago
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    The worst thing that left me with tears stingy in my eyes. I work as a paralegal and spent all day researching certain areas of the law for this client and their question. I drafted a huge e-mail and had all my research laid out citing the appropriate sections and interpretations. I had ONE sentence I was not sure how to interpret as the law was a bit vague, I forwarded all my work to my boss and said hey, let me know if you can help me with this one item.

    She came over to me in person and said, ''This is the answer but honestly it is ridiculous you're asking you should really be researching this on your own and doing the work. Don't be lazy.''

    I was shattered. I mean I spent an entire day and wrote/researched everything. I rarely ask questions ever because I like finding the answer on my own. I was so hurt she could say that to me my other coworkers told me she was a bag and not to let it get to me I did fine but it really really hurt. I pin point that as the day I knew I was going to find a new job.

    Best part is she was fired after 30 years working there last year because me and four other girls walked out and found new jobs the exact same day  and it prompted HR to take a look at her and her management style.

    Treat your employees nicely. I still talk to my coworkers there and we continue to share the knowledge we acquire and talk and maintain professional connection. She is alone with no friends or job - no one in our city will touch her. Shows you what can happen.

  • Judith
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    LOL.  This is the only one I remember and it was said when I was a soda jerk my senior year in high school more than 50 years ago "You have diarrhea of the mouth."  Have never forgotten it.  So true.  But I was a darn good worker.

  • Lisa
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    4 months ago

    It's hard to explain why this bothered me so much but. . . 

    One time I asked my previous boss for an early schedule so I could take a class, once a week, for ten weeks, that was in the evening on Thursdays.  He refused me.  A few months later, he told me that he had, in fact, given me an early shift every Thursday for the ten weeks as requested, and he acted like I should thank him.  I was flabbergasted as I had not registered for the class because he had originally said no.  And then I got really, really angry (though fortunately not at him directly).  How dare he jerk me around that way?

    Gosh. . . I'm still angry about it now, and it was over twenty years ago!

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