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Questions for the doctors and nurses out there?

I got tested for strep, covid, and the flu and everything came back negative. I wake up like i’m fighting a fever every other day (3 days) and sometimes I don’t.... My tonsils are swollen sometimes as if i have strep and and the swelling goes down whenever i feel better. tried to quit vaping my disposal vapes, but i’m still hitting them so far.... Could it be from that? What is wrong with me? I feel better more hours of the day than I feel bad though... 


i sometimes when i’m asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night around 4AM

Update 2:

and i have chills*** 

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    Vaping, yes it could be that, try and stop. You need more testing however, try for a throat actual culture and may be a mono test and a CBC.  It actually doesnt sound like COVID, flu or strep anyway.

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    sorry no doctors here offering free

    advice, they are busy in their clinics

    minting money and playing golf

    when not on duty

    gargle with hot salt water three

    times a day

    get a culture of the throat swab

    to identify the bacteria and then

    take the proper antibiotic course

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