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With the COVID-19 studies on HBP being released, should I try to stay home as much as possible to minimize the chance of catching COVID-19?

I know that this isn’t really the place to go to get completely accurate medical advice, but if you aren’t a medical professional, I guess just treat this as a ‘what would you do’ type of thing. 

With the studies released recently about people who have high blood pressure having twice the chance at death if contracting COVID-19, it makes me worry for my safety even more than I already did. 

I have high blood pressure myself, and I do take medicine for it. I do stay home majority of the time nowadays due to the fact that I also live with my grandma, and I don’t want to risk bringing anything back to her.

When I’m not home, I’m working. I am working about 24 hours a week right now until this pandemic calms down a bit more, which is NOT a lot at all, but should I consider staying home from work so that I don’t possibly expose myself and risk my safety as well as my grandmas? 

I feel as though I could be taking this a bit too overboard, so I thought I’d ask for more opinions to either correct my thoughts or confirm them. 

I’m sorry if this whole thing sounds extra!

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    Watching more TV shows and movies can possibly give you more things to do at home nowadays .

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