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Big bump in the inside of my lip piercing?

I got my second lip piercing (snake bites, i only wear rings) about six months ago and since then i have had this on and off bump. I think it got a little infected at the start but that cleared up rather quickly. From the start this piercing hurt a lot more than my other but what concerns me is this really big bump.

It comes and goes but it never goes for long. It may get a little irritated from time to time due to me chewing on it but it comes for a few weeks and goes for a few days, i have yet to change the jewellery. It never hurts but can get irritated to the point it turns white but it doesn't cause any pain or smell sometimes a kind of crust forms at the back of the ball on my outer lip though.

If anyone has any input on what this could be and how to clear it up I would appreciate it.

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  • Laura
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    2 months ago

    It is badly irritated, and not fully healed. 

    You need to stop playing with it.  This is not helping the constant irritation.  It is also spreading germs to the piercing, which is not helping either. 

    You should be doing sea salt soaks twice a day to help this piercing heal.  Do not play with the jewelry.  Do not touch it unless you are cleaning it.  Brush your teeth after each meal, and use alcohol free mouthwash too.  Do not smoke. 

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