Why do things keep breaking when I touch them?

Ok so, this has never happened to me before. For some reason a month or so ago things started breaking when I touched them. By that I dont mean they stopped working or anything, as it's mainly stuff like vases, pots, glasses etc. When i accidentally tap or just put my skin against something it smashes or explodes. A month ago it was a vase I put my finger on, then a few weeks ago it was a plant holder which shattered when my arm brushed against it. Tonight I went to turn off the light and my hand brushed a glass and it shattered. Is there some sort of science or biology answer to this? Like electrical currents? My family use the same glasses and they're fine, all these items are from different stores and aren't just cheap lousy stuff. All well made. Can anyone help explain this and help me stop it happening? I'd appreciate it!

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