My husband decided to help a stranger and she won’t come get her stuff?

My husband decided to go food shopping while I was asleep yesterday. He posted in our local cities group on facebook a photo of how long the line waa to get inside the store. Anyways, someone messaged him and asked if my husband can get her food but she was willing to pay. My husband did it to be nice. Now we have a problem. She never picked up the food (only two items she wanted) yesterday so we had to keep it in our fridge all day. Now today she still hasn’t come pick it up (my husband told her where we live the area but not our address) and we will not be home after 4pm (going to  my inlaws house for a short my mother in law wants us to come over) and she still hasn’t come to get her stuff. Claims she has to wait for her mom to go over and watch her kids so she can pick up the stuff (single mom i think).

What do we do if she doesn’t come before 4pm and we left? I wish my husband never did this although I understand he wanted to be nice. Plus he works tomorrow I’m not dealing with this lady myself.


This was all in the 8am hour :/

Update 2:

Yup i told him to no longer do this. She just didnt want to go to the supermarket and wait in the line as everyone else it seems. My husband says she's got until 4pm and I told him I am not doing any favors tomorrow by handing it over it was his problem

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  • 1 month ago

    To be nice, how about you two drop the items off at her house and drive away never to be bothered again since it seems so problematic for you.

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  • Alan H
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    1 month ago

    How can she find you with no address?

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  • 1 month ago

    It’s not a big deal, eat the food or get rid of it and stop contact with this woman. And tell your husband not to do these random favours for strangers who are capable of buying their own food.

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  • Just post in the group - Thanks for the inconvenience. Don't bother collecting your food, we have eaten it for you.

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