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Bird keeps looking for its baby in my garden? ?

Yesterday I found an injured baby bird in my garden, its parent was calling to it from the washing line, I took the baby bird to a bird rescue, however it died on the journey. 

The birds parent would routinely come back every 10-15 minutes or less to look around the garden and call to it. 

It did this for about 5 hours. And then went home when the sun came down, and then again when sun came up again. The parent has been doing this for a few hours again. I feel really heartbroken for it, how long will it look and will it simply think the baby went missing? Or realise it died? 


And do you think birds mourn for long? 

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    Animals do mourn, although since this was a baby the bird was raising, she will likely lay more eggs and then move on. It is touching how dedicated animals and birds are to their family and young. I heard of a bird who continued to sweep down to a mate who had been hit, on the road. A dog kept visiting the grave of a beloved owner.

    It is very sad that the baby died, but Mom bird will have more eggs. It was good of you to try and save the baby. I find it a bit unfortunate that certain species raise their young in areas very close to people, keeping them just a couple feet off the ground on a fence, for example. The baby can then learn to fly, but suffers lots of risk.

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    Depends a lot on the species.

    Some are far more territorial than others.

    I am a wildlife carer and had one injured fledgeling that was successfully reunited with their family several weeks later.

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    After a few days the bird will give up and move on.  They understand when the chick doesn’t answer and they have not fed it, no sight or sound coming from it  then All hopes are gone at that point.  Understanding sets in as is natures way.  If early enough in the season the female may lay another egg and try and raise another brood.  All depends if this was an only surviving chick or not.

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    may be a few days

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