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Is it normal to feel violent toward everyone after 8 years?

I've been divorced 8 years.  I've been in a few relationships and they all sucked.  I haven't been happy with one woman.  My ex-wife was a succubus and I was too young to defend myself emotionally from her abuse (she was older than me).  I'm only attracted to women who are 19-25 and they wont give me the time of day.  I've already been married and have kids, but I know I will never find a woman I'll be happy with to have my own family.  I decided a few years ago I will never be with a woman unless I'm in love with her, and I know now it will never happen, because my expectations are too high.  I did a power grab and played my last card I had to try to break out of this miserable life and change my circumstances to get the woman I want.  But it failed and now I  know there is nothing to live for.

   I use to get down on myself (I learned that from the succubus I married) but in the last couple years I've learned to be a man and not get down on myself.  Now instead of blaming myself and hurting myself I hate the world and want to get revenge.  I fantasize about going to a place with lots of beautiful women and taking as many as I can out, before they get me.  Now I have nothing to lose at all and that is all I want to do.  I just want to find a place where there's a ton of pretty women, like a women's lingere store or a gym and just take as many out as I can and then die fighting.

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