Gift idea?!?

So tomorrow my coworkers & managers are getting together to have a “secret friend gift exchange “ for Valentine’s Day. (I know Valentine’s Day was the 14th). Anyways, we had one for Christmas which was secret Santa and now we’re having one for Valentine’s Day. My manager said the spending for the gift is $25 and up. We got a cup and wrote everyone’s name down and we had to pick a name from the cup and the person I got is into Nasa and building rockets and engineering things. He goes to those things where people build their own mini rocket and launch it. I don’t know what to get him because if I buy him something online it obviously won’t get here tomorrow and I don’t know where they sell NASA stuff at so can someone help me please?!!!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There's these things called cards.

    • damien2 months agoReport

      We have to get actual gifts not cards 

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