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How can I convince my parents for a parakeet?

I have wanted a parakeet since I pet sat for my friend's parakeet when I was 9. I am 14 now, and I am trying to convince my parents for one of my own. We have a family dog, who I love SOOO MUCH, but I really want a pet of my own. I am very responsible. I babysit all the time and make dinner a few times a week. I have participated and done well in a few craft fairs, selling crochet dolls and headbands. I also work for an elderly neighbor, housecleaning and doing yard work, so I can pay for all the essentials myself. I am homeschooled, so I will be home most of the day to care for and exercise the parakeet. I have done research on many animals I would want, especially a bunny. I was focused on a bunny for a month or so, and my parents said no. I admit, I still want a bunny, but I will be equally as happy with a parakeet. My parents did some research on caring for bunnies when I was asking for one, so I think now that they see how hard it is and how a parakeet is less complicated to care for, they may give in easier. I assure you I do realize that even though they are easier than bunnies, parakeets are still a lot of work, and I am ready to take full responsibility for it. I have done lots of research on them. If anyone can help, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you!


The dog is mostly an outside dog, and when she is inside she is confined to the kitchen. She would not have access to that room. She is also very well trained.

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    Turn 18, move out and they may get you one then.

    You are NOT responsible enough for one. The fact you whine and cry and throw a fit while begging for one shows you are not responsible enough. Baby sitting and the like doesn't prove you can take care of a HIGH maintenance pet. You also whine for a rabbit and never got one since they are just as high maintenance and now you are whining for another pet you wont take care of. The fact your parents have a dog they keep outside most the time and then keep it isolated in a kitchen shows they shouldn't own a pet at all. No dog that is treated like that is well trained. 

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    I would not get a bird if u have a dog. the dog may kill the bird

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