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Banana asked in PetsBirds · 2 months ago

How to stop chicken pecking ?

I came into possession of an adult chicken who was a very sweet hen. As it's chilly in the winters here,  I wanted to make sure she had another hen to cuddle and be friends with so I bought a 20 week old pullet. We have been trying to socialize them on common ground  (inside my house ) and we have even tried putting them togerher in the coop after a few days. But the older hen is persistently going after her face and neck to pick and bite quite viciously. We also unintentionally bought a pullet with a trimmed beak so her beak is very blunt so she cannot defend herself. Sometimes they will be able to eat and drink together or clean themselves mutually near one another, and I've recently been leaving them in the back room of my house in different spots to roost (one on a basket on my freezer , the other on a basket on my washer) and so far they don't fight at night. But when I take them down in the morning the older one goes right for the pullet.

I know that they have to establish the pecking order but how long will this take and are there any tips? 

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  • oikoσ
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    2 months ago
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    You are doing yourself no favor by keeping them in your house and apart. During the winter, chickens hunker down next to one another to conserve heat. That helps them settle down. I suspect that they have settled the pecking order already.

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