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How to slow/stop egg laying in a domesticated pet pigeon (single, F)? ?

I have a single female pet/domesticated pigeon who has never been in contact with other pigeons (since I got her a year ago). She laid a clutch of two eggs around last Easter, then on Christmas, and she just laid her first of the latest clutch last night. This is less than a month since Christmas. Egg-laying makes her weak and she almost had some egg-binding last time in which I was worried she would die. How can I prevent or slow her from laying eggs so quickly? I got some conflicting information online but everyone seems to say: put her to bed earlier, no soft toys in the cage, no overly fatty foods, etc. Please help!

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  • 8 months ago

    Had that problem with my Severe Macaw. I had to quit letting her play with old flannel shirts. Anything that a female bird can chew up and turn into a nest keeps them laying eggs. Don't use corn cob for bedding. It can give birds an infection.

  • 8 months ago

    You can't, they lay empty eggs and get sad unfortunately. If they get stuck you just hold the bird over steam and it will loosen. Obviously test with your hand how far away will not burn. They get stuck because she will know it's another empty egg and will refuse to lay it but you can't leave that because it could kill the bird, years ago it happened all the time because nobody could look up what to do.

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