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The public will see today two nonpartisan career Foreign Service Officers—Bill Taylor and George Kent—whose oath of office is not ...?

to the President but to the Constitution. So where is the evidence that they are Never Trumpers?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Try not to vomit but here is heart of Donald and his Trumpsuckers defense


    Because only good things flow from Trump and all things that flow from Trump are good. If it is bad Trump had no involvement and it was from his enemies to make him look bad.

  • Leo
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    4 weeks ago

    Anyone who questions anything Trump says or does is labeled a "never Trumper".

  • Yavan
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    4 weeks ago

    Even if there was, so what?

    Trumpsters are acting like ''being against this president'' is a state of sin. They seem to think he's the Messiah.

    Considering Trump university, the mocking of a disabled reporter, credible allegations of sexual assaults by over 20 women, his behaviour at the debates, a history of real-estate fraud and etc... etc... all before this election, being ''against this president'' was a pretty rational position to hold.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Today we will see the beginning of the evidence that shows that Trump is a criminal!

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