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Should I try and talk to this girl on Facebook?

Ok so about 6 months ago a girl added me on Facebook who had a crush on me but I didn't feel the same way about her and she was to young and her friend also added me and that's who I like. We both work at the supermarket but we dont really see each other because we are in different parts and we have never talked to each other. At the time she added me she had a boyfriend and now they broke up which surprised me. I sent her a message saying hi and she said hi back and then I said do I know you, and she never answered. And I didn't know her at the time. That was 5 months ago. It was her I liked not the other girl who liked me. And they are both good friends. I see her at work but we just work past each other and it will be weird to just talk to her. Should I message her? But then what do I say? Saying do I know you 5 months ago and randomly saying hi and and I like you. Won't that be weird? Should I message the other girl and ask for advice but that might be mean if she liked me but that was 5 months ago? Will even talking to be ok if her friend liked me? What if she doesn't like me back then being a girl she will tell everyone and a friend who works with me she will know it's like OMG what do I do? Is there even a chance. She just seems like a nice girl even though I have never talked to her. What should I do?


seems online is the only way. Her friend did it to me. Or am I a peice of shit if I do it?

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    People go online and post pix and stories or info in order to make connections. Isn't that why you have a page?

    If you are SCARED and they are SCARED... you're just wasting electricity.

    My approach is:

    "Hi Stranger. Saw your pix/post. I LIKE! I'm going to be at (location) having coffee, you're welcome to join me, if I don't look too embarrassing to be seen with. My Treat."

    That's it.

    You don't owe anything more.

    An invitation is a nice way to MEET SOMEONE.

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  • Mikey
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    9 months ago

    You really can stop spamming this now.

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  • 9 months ago

    this is like the 30th time I have seen this dude post this. you either have OCD or you need new troll material, give it a rest dude for real

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  • Fuhr
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    9 months ago

    Go outside and play with the other trolls.

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