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How do i get a good nights sleep?

My whole life i have been a light sleeper and since i adopted my two year old son i have gotten barely any sleep. He is a good child, he always listens and never plays up. I am a single mum but i try my best to be a good parent to him. But at night he'll cry and it takes about an hour to settle him into bed. I have a bedtime routine and i always give him a bath and read him a book. I'll leave the room and start to get ready to go to bed myself. Once im in bed he will come and wake me up for a glass of water or to go to the toilet or to tuck him in again or for another hug etc. This goes on all night until about 3 in the morning when he finally falls asleep. But then i am woken at 5 or 6 in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes i don't sleep at all, the most sleep i'll get in a night is 3 or 4 hours. I am so exhausted throught the day and idk what to do. Iv'e tried letting him sleep with me but the same thing happens.

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    If he just became part of your family as a two year old, chances are he has some lingering anxiety from the changes he has experienced in life and needs the assurance that you are not going to disappear.

    For him, sleeping next to you is probably the best solution, with you telling him "I'm here, it's time to sleep" when he wakes you up i.e. not giving a big reward of time and attention, but just assuring him that you haven't gone away. Once he more firmly understands and trusts that you are going to always be there, he will be able to move into his own room.

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      The longer you keep permitting your son to get by with this nonsense, the more he'll keep doing it. Put him to bed at the same time every night, and once he goes to bed, THAT IS IT. Under no circumstances should he be permitted to sleep with you. He needs to learn to self soothe and sleep alone.

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    its hard to be a two parent family ........cant imagine going it alone

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    That's ridiculous. Once you put him in bed, no more stories, water, etc. ONE more hug, then ignore him. If he gets out of bed firmly put him back. Don't make eye contact or speak. Just keep doing that. In a few days he will get the idea.

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    Have you try exhausting him before going to bed so that he’ll be so tired that he falls asleep throughout the night. Instead of reading a book, play with him to exhaust him.

    Or put him in the car and drive around until he falls asleep then take him to bed.

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