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What do you think of the class action lawsuits being filed against universities by students who were expelled without due process?

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    They come as no surprise There have been many individual lawsuits and cases and judges have made rulings that colleges cant just kick students out without proven cause.

    Colleges should stick to educating students, not plying judge, jury and executioner. Allegations of felony crime should be handled by real law enforcement. Colleges have this coming.

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    Agree with them completely. Due process all the way; not these disgusting Kangaroo courts a lot of universities display. It s what have far left faculty will do to you, expel you because their fee fees got hurt, not because you actually did anything wrong.

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  • zipper
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    4 months ago

    It is long over due, one has a right to a trail, not based on she said he said BS!

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    Not much.

    That is, if I were the judge, I don't see how such a class action would meet the 23(a) criteria. That's what briefs are for, of course, so perhaps I could be convinced otherwise, but at first glance I don't perceive numerosity, typicality, or common question of law and fact.

    I'm not suggesting that students -should- be sanctioned without due process (for any reason, not just sexual assault) but that it's not the proper subject for a class action. There's no "common question," for example, since each university has its own policy and process. And if you were to sue just one university, or even a university system such as the University of California, there would be too few plaintiffs to certify a class.

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    I think a lot of people don't realize that this is the net-goal of a lot of so-called "progressive" legislation...

    As CA governor, Jerry Brown pushed for the so-called "yes means yes" law on state college campuses...which made any sexual contact without explicit, verbal consent agreed upon by all parties involved eligible for criminal rape charges...

    Critics argued that such a vague law was virtually unenforceable, and would instead lead to an endless string of "he said/she said" cases and false accusations.... Those critics, of course, were shouted down as "hating women and promoting 'rape culture'"....

    The moment Brown signed the law, it was reported that the state university systems would hire thousands of new lawyers and purchase hundreds of millions of dollars in new liability insurance in anticipation of litigating an onslaught of new cases..... all of which was paid with taxpayer money, of course...

    This wasn't about addressing a problem...this was about ensuring six-figure attorneys an endless string of billable hours...and insurance companies billions in fresh income...

    Care to guess whose party gets massive donations from Big Law lobbyists and Big Insurance billionaires in California year after year?

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    'Bout time.

    Yea, sexual assaults do occur!

    Then again, plenty are made-up for anger/spite!

    College students need to video CONSENT BEFORE SEX!

    BTW, Being passed out and giving a thumbs-up DOESN'T give CONSENT!

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    I didn't know there was one.

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