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I want to go on vacation with him, but how?

I was with my boyfriend for a few years before we broke up. We felt we weren’t on the same page and needed some time apart. After two months, we started hanging out again and missed each other a lot. I’m hoping we’ll get back together because I have very strong feelings for him. I’m not sure how he feels yet but he said we’ll keep hanging out and hopefully find our way back to each other. He told me he’s going on vacation in a couple of months to relax at a resort. I asked who he’s going with and he said he doesn’t know yet, he might find some friends or even go alone. He then said, hey maybe you can come. I asked, well am I your last choice? If your friends don’t want to go? And he said, you’re a specific choice. I’m not sure what this means but I think we need this and I would love to go with him because it would benefit our relationship. We’re both young and confused but I feel like we’re meant to be and I truly want this to work out. I’m not sure how to tell him I really want to go with him without sounding desperate or too pushy. I already told him I was interested but I want to really create a plan. What should I do?

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    You told him you are interested. He knows. Now all you can do is wait and see what happens. His response didn't sound especially encouraging, "you're a specific choice"...what does that mean? If he really wanted you to go he'd have said, "I'd really like you to come with me", he didn't. Wait and see, don't get clingy.

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