How can you tell of your dryer is poorly ventilated?

Today, I noticed that my basement was covered in thick piles of dust, especially near the dryer vent. Whoever installed the dryer failed to clamp the duct to the dryer and the elbow ducts were also disconnected. I bought a new kit and reinstalled the ducts and clamped the insertion onto the back of the dryer, onto the elbow and flexible duct, and also to the two elbows leading into the vent. While the dryer was on, I went outside to inspect the outside vent. I did not feel any warm air coming out of the vent. Did I incorrectly install the ducts or are the pipes clogged?

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    did you also happen to clean the ducts all the way to the outlet outside of the house? that is important too.

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