Going to Shawn mendes and I Have nothing to wear? HELP?

In a few hours I am going to a concert with my friends they all have really good style and I have nothing to wear. I’m a bit Chubby but I’m just not sure what clothing to wear? I’m either wearing black denim shorts or a denim skirt.

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    3 years ago
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    ok since you consider yourself "chubby" then wear the black denim skirt. Also you are going there in a couple of hours so you probably dont have enough time to go shopping. I would wear the black denim skirt, sneakers and a crop top or when you get there buy a top at the concert. They sell things like tops with his name on it, cups, books etc etc.. Also you dont have to be like your friends, you got your own style and stick with it if you want. Be original, put some makeup on and maybe curl or straighten your hair, just have fun and you shouldnt really care what you wear. I know now days everyone cares what others wear, most girls would most likely dress up a bit slutty, like its a concert. BUT if you do have time to go to the shops get a nice top or shoes cause you know you are gonna wear either shorts or a skirt :))))

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