Is New Zealand like Ireland?

Is Ireland much different from New Zealand? To me it seems in many ways that both countries are the same in that Ireland is the little brother of the UK as is New Zealand to Australia. They both have a small population with Ireland's biggest city (excluding Northern Ireland) Dublin 1.8mill metro and New Zealand's biggest city Auckland 1.53mill metro. They both speak English as their 1st language, have a similar drinking and pub cultre, have the same green rolling hills and pasture with plenty of farming and agricultre and sheep as well as both being 1st world countries. Apart from the accents, currency, flag and different city names, what other things are different from both of the countries? They even practically have the same Human Development Index with NZ only 0.003 of a difference from 6th to 7th place!

Also, do you know of any Irish people living in NZ or NZ'rs living in Ireland?

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  • 6 years ago

    Weather...better in New Zealand. It is more semi-tropical up north and this has a COMPLETELY different feel to that of the overcast/rain/cold of Ireland.

    I think the people are a bit more friendly in New Zealand. I think that kiwis are more resourceful and are able to think outside the box than the Irish as well.

    The maori culture and general multicultural nature of New Zealand makes it quite different from Ireland.

    NZ is considered one of the most peaceful (in terms of government) and least corrupt in the world...I don't think of Ireland in peaceful terms in over the past.

    I think if you lived in both for a month you would see the differences pretty quickly.

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