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What is rooting and how is it done?

I hear some M/A will grip the ground with their feet, and other things like this to maximise the solidness with the ground much like a tree grows roots.

What are the main methods they use?

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    Rooting is a common term used in many martial arts. There are two basic kinds of rooting. There is rooting in terms of yourself. And, there is rooting in terms of rooting the attacker. An example of rooting an attacker would be any kind of joint lock that tends to make it difficult or impossible for the attacker to move. An arm bar applied so that the pressure is downward would make the attacker inclined to drop slightly in order to lessen the pain. In doing so he may not be able to move.

    Rooting yourself can be done more than one way and is way to much to try to explain here. So I'll say that rooting oneself may be done with a combination of proper body position/mechanics, overall muscle tension (not tensing, but rather relaxing as many muscles as possible) and breathing.


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    @Shaeeck - rooting does not keep you stationary.

    Rooting is the ability to keep stability through grounding your energy.

    Gripping the ground is not necessarily part of rooting, because you would not be able to move fluidly if you were just gripping. My Chinese teacher told us that the gripping of the ground is likened to how a bird lands on and perches on a branch.

    Yet rooting is more based on body mechanics - alignment, breath, intention and specific but very simple nuances, that are even more important than the former.

    These are thing I would not discuss and teach to anyone not a student.

    You have to understand that knowledge and experience comes from much time and effort.

    I like to show some "love" once in a while but certain things are reserved for close people.

    What I have given you is solid and you could work with it.

    And I think you are that girl who asks about "fajing" and stuff like that... you're not fooling me. :)

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    I dont know if you are trolling or not based on the question but just in case your not i will answer with my thoughts

    If you mean about martial artist being able to keep their weight on the ground so they cannot be lifted then this has nothing to do with your feet it has to do with weight proportion and use of core muscles.


    @Darth Scandalous - so you mean like basing? the word rooting i have not heard before.

    DW Darth i just found out Rooting the same as Basing, never heard it called Rooting before. All my life know it as basing.


    So i discovered it is called Basing here in Australia and NZ because the word "Rooting" here means "to have sex" so many of the older generation changed the word to basing. haha thats funny. Thats why i thought you were trolling when i read the question so i apologize haha

    In Australia the slang would be "omg i was rooting that guy in the back of the ute last night" and in NZ they would use it like "omg i was rooting that ewe in the back of my shed last night"


    LOL Riki3 hahaha

    LOL Possum - its "tie my kangaroo down, sport" its a disturbing song song by an "alleged" pedophile Rolf Harris sooooo maybe it does have another meaning.

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    Some great answers you got so far. I'll add in what our class was discussing just last night. The class was doing a form, and we noticed that the shoulders kept rising and the heels kept lifting.

    In these cases, it was obvious that the brain was thinking about something up in the sky, when it should have been thinking about something far more below.

    Then there were students who, at each and EVERY step, was stomping violently on the floor - a common practice for beginners and kids. Also, their chin was tucked in to the chest, and their eyeline was focused on the floor.

    In these cases, it was obvious that the brain was thinking about something below the ground, when it should have been thinking about something a little higher up.

    So there you have it: two examples of what rooting isn't: too little, and too much.

    It isn't unusual for an instructor to make a visualization of a table - much like the invisible table an orchestra conductor uses (it's called "a table"). On this "table" is where many of your hand techniques are performed: not too high, like a small child sitting in an adult sized chair at the breakfast table reaching up for his food; and not too low where you have to stoop down. Also, like any table you don't want to be reaching for your plate that's too far to the left or the right, because in martial terms, that is where you can be off-balanced, just as you can when you are too high off the ground.

    Properly rooted, you will be able to move as needed, and without easily being off-balanced and having your center taken over.

    EDIT - Thanks to Shaeeck and Riki3, my vocabulary is expanding in leaps and bounds. "Tie me kangaroo, sport" now has a different meaning. My childhood is ruined...

    EDIT: yeah, that's what I meant - tie me kangaroo down sport... the song never really took to american youth that much of late, but everyone over 40 seems to know it and rolf harris! LOL

    I feel real bad for koalas... what with rooting and coprophagia, they get it on both ends...

    EDIT: oh man, I just looked up the lyrics. My childhood is ruined...

    EDIT: @Riki3 - LOL I don't know much about the rivalry, but, Hollywood has painted a nice picture of both countries, thanks to the popularity of Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin, and Lord of the Rings. Oh, and the Wiggles... :-(

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    Basing or Seated in NZ and Aus, as Shaeeck mentioned, Rooting is something Aussies do to Koala's.......out back beyond the old gumtree.

    Edit: @ shaeeck and possum bahahaha, crack up. im not sure if the rest of the world knows about the rivalry between NZ and Aus, its called taking the piss out of each other.

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    Short answer. Rooting is establishing a solid base to direct or receive force whether stationary or moving. There is a metaphysical aspect to it as well.

    The mechanics piece is pretty good. I'm not into the supernatural stuff myself.

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