Is is copyright infringement to copy & paste a news article on facebook?

Even if you give the link to the place you got it from, and you clearly state that you didn't write it yourself? I'm really confused, because I've seen a lot of questions about this, but it seems like half the people say that it's fine as long as you cite the source, and the other half say that it's still copyright infringement.

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  • 8 years ago
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    the owner of the article MUST give you permission, not the persons company they work for, not there boss, the person that wrote it must give you consent.

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    8 years ago

    You'd need to see what the source of the news says about posting their material. Some places have Facebook links to assist you in sharing their material in an authorized way, though what results is usually simply a link back to the original story, and one they can track.

    Otherwise, you do not have the right to copy and re-distribute someone else's work. It's not okay just because you cite the source. You might be able to quote a phrase or two to make a point (and cite the source), but wholesale copying and pasting the whole article on Facebook is otherwise copyright infringement. And do also keep in mind that Facebook is a commercial operation to boot -- they're making lots of money from the things you post to their site, and when people read things they're, the Facebook ads are paying off while the ads at the original site aren't.

    It's some junior high school myth that it's not copyright infringement when you cite the source, say you didn't write something yourself, and aren't making money off it. That's wrong. All that happens is you can't get in trouble for fraud and misrepresentation in addition. And the fact you're not making money off it yourself makes it less likely someone will bother trying to get money out of you for it. But that doesn't make it legal, and it doesn't change that someone somewhere else is making money off the things you're doing. It's not "fine."

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    8 years ago

    It is NOT fine.

    Look at it this way: If *you* didn't write it, draw it from scratch, or completely create it *yourself* - then it belongs to someone else and you can't use it, and it is copyright infringment.

    (Please note that taking an image or paragraph and "tweaking" it doesn't make it yours either.)

    You can also look at the bottom or top of the article - it will tell you if it's copyrighted. TOS or terms of service on the site will tell you as well.

    For a news article, you can use a couple of lines and noone will bug you - there is such a thing as fair use but personally I avoid it because it's confusing and you can go over the line.

  • 8 years ago

    You need permission unless your particular use qualifies under a statutory exemption, such as for use in a classroom or for "fair use" critique, comment, scholarship ABOUT the news article itself, using only as much as necessary to make your point.

    For instance, you could quote portions of an article about George Zimmerman along with your opinion of whether you agree with the way the news was reported. Pasting the entire article is not "fair use", whether you're being paid for it or just doing it because it's "fun" to violate other peoples' property rights.

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